Samurai and Sake

Ignite Your Inner Warrior: Unforgettable Open House at Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo!

📅 Clear your schedule: On Wednesday, May 3rd at 7pm, immerse yourself in an extraordinary evening of Samurai and Sake at the Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo!

Step into our awe-inspiring Japanese Dojo, a sanctuary where tradition and elegance converge. We will be offering adult beverages to those in attendance. Here is your chance to engage in captivating conversations with our highly-skilled senior instructors who are ready to share their knowledge and passion for traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

Celebrating 25 phenomenal years of nurturing the Samurai spirit in Pittsburgh, we warmly welcome you to join our festivities and experience the exhilarating world of traditional Japanese martial arts.

Curious about starting your martial arts journey? This event is tailor-made for you as the prospective student! Regardless of your experience level, our open house is the perfect opportunity to unleash your potential and spark your passion for the timeless art of the Samurai.

Seize this extraordinary chance! RSVP today and embark on a transformative adventure you’ll never forget! Please note, just like our classes, this event is for adults only. We look forward to seeing you there. Our Dragon is waiting to meet you!

Admission is free, however, please RSVP

Admission tickets are available here: