Executive Edge: The Martial Arts Blueprint for Executives

35 Years in the making, A journey to Master Level and beyond in the martial arts that instilled critical lessons on Leadership, Focus, Personal Development, Respect, Long Term Goal Attainment and so much more.

Brent Earlewine is now sharing how all of those hard-won lessons from 3 and a half decades on the Dojo floor translate into an Executive’s Professional Career Development. Reaching the rare Master Level in the martial arts, his professional experience is just as vast.  Encompassing over three decades of unparalleled industry acumen in channel leadership and sales, Brent is a master craftsman in the intricate field of channel strategy, channel management. channel programs and indirect routes to market of all kinds. His deep domain channel expertise is multifaceted, contributing to the revenue growth of partner teams by fostering a culture of learning and skill enhancement.

While there are many different approaches to career development, the principles and practices of martial arts provide an unparalleled and powerful framework for achieving long-term career success and personal fulfillment.  Now brought to you in this unique intersection between martial arts mastery and professional development.

Martial arts are a diverse and ancient practice that has roots in many different cultures and traditions around the world. While the specific practices and techniques of different martial arts may vary, the underlying principles of discipline, focus, and resilience are universal and can be applied to many different aspects of life, including career development.

In this book, we will explore the concept of using martial arts as the framework of professional development and discuss how the principles and practices of martial arts can help you achieve greater success and fulfillment in your career as an Executive no matter what industry you may work in.

In these pages you’ll discover…

– Finding and Defining Your Purpose in Life, AND Your Career

– Applying the Zen States of Mind in Your Professional Life

– Developing a Strong Foundation through Discipline, Patience and Perseverance

– What it Takes to Master Your Craft via Continuous Learning, Growth and the Principle of Focus

– Balancing the Hard and Soft Skills for Career Success, and the Principles of Balance & Adaptability

– Building a Strong Network and Cultivating Leadership Qualities to Inspire and Guide Others

– Embracing Your Inner Warrior by Applying the Principles of Courage and Integrity

– Progressing Through the Four Stages of Competence for Mastery

– The Martial Arts Master’s 10 Key Leadership Qualities for Success

– Practical Guides and Actions You Can Take NOW

No matter where you are in your professional career, this book will provide you with insight, secrets and practical knowledge earned over three and half decades on the Dojo Floor and in the Corporate Boardroom that you can apply TODAY in your professional life.

Available now in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle versions.  You can purchase in our online store here:  Online Store (quantum-channels.com)