Thank You!

Congratulations on taking that all Important Courageous First Step!  We are so glad you decided to check us out.

Are YOU as Excited as We Are?  I’m STOKED.  There is nothing I love more than the prospect of helping someone start their own personal journey into the awesome world of Martial Arts just like I did 35 years ago.

All those years ago, I never imagined I would get this far.  My goal of becoming a Black Belt seemed light years away and I felt like I would never get there.  But I persevered.  I ground out the hard work.  I invested time, money, blood, sweat and tears.  I went to Japan to test for Rank. 5 Times. I traveled around the world to train with Master Instructors. Then I did it again.  And again.  And again.  And again (I’m STILL doing it!).  And I did it while managing a full time career and raising a family (4 crazy kids!). 

Amazing.  Life gets in the way.  Another business trip.  Schedule conflicts.  Kid’s sporting events, practices and summer camps.  I know, I’ve been there.   There was always something in the way.  But if I could do it, so can you. 

I get it. It’s hard to find the time. I’ve lived it. However, when you REALLY want something, then you find the time. You prioritize the work and investment that will CHANGE who you are.

So many mentors helped me along my path, now it is my turn to help others just like you.

You are going to learn how to be Fearless in Your Actions and how to Carry Yourself with Poise and Grace in every interaction.  

In my martial arts studies I found out something profound along the way.  The last 3 decades + of studying the martial arts have given me a healthy lifestyle to be sure, but they have given me oh so much more!  The martial arts can give you a “Command Presence”.  What do I mean by that?  It is that Poise and unflappable Sense of Presence that is instantly recognizable whenever you walk into a room.  It is a feeling of Being Calm Under Stress and Strength Under Pressure.  Centered.  Balanced.   Isn’t that what you want for yourself?

I can not stress this enough – the Confidence you earn from studying martial arts, the Results Oriented Mindset it creates and how you learn to carry yourself in the Dojo/Training Hall will be mirrored in every aspect of your life!

This is about being the Best Version of Yourself you can be.  It is about Polishing and Honing who you are, and it is all about How This Translates to every facet of your life!  The study of Martial Arts is the only way I know how to instill this kind of presence into oneself.  

You took that incredible first step, now take the next one.  Come check out a class! Let’s have a great conversation about where you want to go next in your life.  You won’t regret it! 

What are you waiting for? Call us at 412-298-4486

See you on the mats.

Brent Earlewine, Dai Shihan and Senior Instructor